The path to meditation is different for everyone. What you may find enjoyable and conducive to meditation may not work for others. However, meditation provides so many incredible physical and mental rewards that it pays to keep your mind open to any method that can help you reach a purer meditative state. Believe it or not there really is a vacuum cleaner that helps you meditate!

Check out the Electrolux UltraSilencer meditation platform. The UltraSilencer is a vacuum cleaner, mind you, but the Electrolux company created it specifically to have a seriously low sound level (just 60 to 65 dB). That is actually a record low sound level for vacuum cleaners.


One other thing this vacuum cleaner can do aside from vacuum, which may or may not be the case with other models, is to help you meditate. The designers of the product have teamed up with meditation guru Gunilla Lönnberg to help you clean your mind while you clean your carpets. After all, housework can be mind-numbing, so why not find some way to make it more enjoyable and spiritually rewarding?

Lönnberg and the product’s designers hit the sound studio with the UltraSilencer. Using only sounds from the vacuum cleaner itself, an audio program was recorded with meditation in mind. You can head over to Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud and search for “Clean Your Mind” for a download.