Garcinia Shaping Pro Review: Is This Trial Offer a Scam?

Garcinia Shaping Pro

Garcinia supplements have become a household item for many nutritionists and dieticians and is often referred to as one of the most talked about weight loss products on the market.  The all-natural ingredients as well as the undeniable results have made this supplement a popular choice for anyone trying to shed a few pounds.  As you can see as you read on, I get excited throughout this Garcinia Shaping Pro review because I have personally been using this product for several months and have, firsthand, seen how well it actually works!

What Does Garcinia Shaping Pro Do?

1. Slow down your body’s fat making process: As difficult as it is to believe, these natural ingredients have been proven to prevent the activity of the citrate lyase enzyme.  This is the enzyme primarily responsible for producing fat.  By slowing the activity of this enzyme down, your body is forced to use “stored fat” in order to maintain proper energy levels.

2. Suppress your appetite: Taking Garcinia Shaping Pro will also increase the production of your serotonin neurotransmitters. I know I’m using a lot of big scientific words, but all of this can be explained very simply.  Serotonin neurotransmitters help us obtain that feeling of being full after eating, it gives us the ability to be happy, and it can even assist with getting enough sleep.

What’s Inside

  • Garcinia Cambogia

Just to make this clear right away, hydroxycitic acid (HCA) and garcinia cambogia are the same thing.  This comes from the extract of a pumpkin shaped fruit grown mainly in Southeast Asia.  This natural ingredient is responsible for slowing down your fat making process and suppressing your appetite.  Studies suggest that the average weight lost supplement has less than 20% HCA and in order for the ingredient to be effective, it should contain at least 50%.  Garcinia Shaping Pro is made up of 60% HCA!

  • Potassium

Regulates fluid balance and controls the electric activity of your muscles.

  • Chromium

A metallic element that is essential to the metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar and helps insulin transport glucose into cells, where it can be used for energy.

  • Calcium

Necessary for the formations of bones and bodily functions like muscle contractions and blood clotting.

Dosage Instructions

The bottle recommends taking 2 capsules a day about 30 mins before you work out, but I prefer to take it closer to an hour before.  Make sure that you are well hydrated before taking Garcinia Shaping Pro as it may make you light headed when dehydrated.

The Advantages of Garcinia Shaping Pro


Controls your appetite


Boosts metabolism


Helps You Lose Weight


Stress Reliever

The Results Speak For Themselves

I could not be more thrilled that I decided to try Garcinia Shaping Pro! I gained about 40 pounds after having my third daughter.  I was unhappy with myself and the way I looked. My weight bothered me so much I would avoid going to social functions and I even noticed the intimacy between my husband and I began to suffer. When I finally decided to do something about my weight, I set a goal of losing at least 50 pounds. My sister had been taking Garcinia Shaping Pro for about 4 months, and I couldn’t believe the way her body transformed! I lost 15 pounds in the first month! I did not do anything extreme. I simply started exercising 3 times a week and taking Garcini Shaping Pro. I noticed right away that I had an extra boost of energy and my appetite was much smaller! I am a totally new person today; I feel great about myself and my marriage!
Diane R.

Garcinia Shaping Pro really DID work for me. As soon as I began taking the pills, I noticed a change in my diet. I went from getting full off of 3-4 slices of pizza, to getting full off a single slice. I went from having maybe 2 or 3 slices of boneless chicken on my plate, to taking some off and putting it back for somebody else to take. I’ve noticed my stomach just can’t handle all it used too. I’ve lost 13 pounds so far taking this pill and it’s been less than a month! Now, I have a LONG way to go. I do. But this pill really does work! Basically, take this pill, but don’t change your eating habits. It changes it for you mindlessly!

Samantha L.


  • As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advice I can offer, is to make sure you are very well hydrated every day before taking this product.
  • Like many weight loss supplements, Garcinia Shaping Pro should not be taken by anyone under the age of 18.
  • If you are on other medication, be sure to speak with your doctor before taking any weight loss supplement
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use this