Whenever we start something new, many of us feel a bit shy. It is never easy to talk to people that we don’t know, especially when it comes to something as personal as weight loss. As hard as it is to open up to someone unfamiliar, exercising with likeminded people is one of the best ways to reach your goals! Even though it might be a bit intimidating and you might even feel like the ‘new kid in class’, if you really want to make the most out of your workout, you will need to find a way to interact with others. You’ll be surprised how many people are either willing to help you in any way they can or are just getting started like you! You’re probably saying, “Ok, so what if there are people like me or there are others that are willing to help, where do I find them?”

How Do I Meet Others?

The best way to find likeminded people is by joining a gym or some type of aerobics class. It’s a little more difficult to meet someone by just working out at the gym, but I think aerobics classes is one of the easiest!  I used to do spin class and yoga 3 times a week.  People always seem to congregate before and after the class to just chat.

It may be intimidating, but try and get in on some of the conversations.  Everyone is there to get healthy, most people leave their judgements at the door.  I also think online forums are a great way to ask personal questions while still being able to be hidden behind a computer screen. You have friends now, but how is that going to help with your weight loss journey?

Ask Questions

It can be intimidating the first time you ask a question to people you don’t know very well. As time goes on, this will get much easier. When you have a question, want some guidance, or are looking for a path forward, just go for it! The old statement, “there is no such thing as a stupid question,” still applies even as an adult! Many people have been in your shoes and will be more than willing to offer their advice.

If you have something personal you want to discuss, feel free to send a private message. Sometimes there will be something that is a little too personal or embarrassing to discuss in an open forum, even if the forum as a whole is supportive. These can be things that have a significant impact on your weight loss journey, but aren’t necessarily things that you would feel comfortable talking to a group about.

You Have to Make a Choice

You can now go through the exercise journey and opt not to connect with others. Or, you can become accountable to a group that is ready to support you, discuss your challenges and struggles, and make relationships that could last a lifetime. Not to mention, those who have a sense of accountability during their weight loss challenge are much more likely to have lasting success!  Good luck!