Whether you’re in top physical shape or are finally ready to start taking the steps to a healthier lifestyle, working out from home presents many benefits.  When working out from home, you have the ability to hit the weights or cardio whenever you’re in the mood, there is no need to look presentable (which many gym goers feel is necessary), and you don’t have to be embarrassed by what onlookers may be thinking of you as you’re simply trying to better yourself.  Sounds great right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and there’s good reasons why most people will start out by hitting a gym.

What to do First

The first challenge is simply stocking your home up with the equipment you need. It is possible to get into great shape without equipment and we’ll be discussing that in more detail later on. The thing is though, that in order to get the best results, training equipment DOES help. That means dumbbells, bench presses, treadmills and all manner of others things will probably be of interest to some of you. The issues with equipment is that they all cost a lot of money, take up a lot of space, and require some basic knowledge to use.  We will go into more detail in a later article about some good equipment to get you started, but take a peak at the photo on the right for some budget friendly suggestions.

Workout From Home Speaking of knowledge, here’s the next largest challenge.  A lot of people simply don’t know how to train on their own from home.  It can be difficult and intimidating to create your own regimen without the guidance of a trainer or at the very least, without being able to see what other people are doing. Working out improperly on your own, from the comfort of your own home, can easily end up in a slipped disk or buckled knees! Fear is going to be immobilizing for a lot of people in this respect and prevent them from getting into shape.

But this isn’t even the hardest part…

Pushing and Motivating Yourself From Home

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in order to truly see results of any form, is that you’ll need to be able to push yourself and stay motivated.  It’s much easier when you have a trainer barking at you or at the very least, are able to see other people consistently working hard to reach their goals.  The key to a healthier life or getting that beach bod you always dreamed of isn’t lifting hundreds of pounds or running a marathon once.  Consistency is the only thing that will do this.  I like to workout whenever I feel like it and that has worked great for me.  I have friends though, that will only workout if they have a schedule to follow.  Do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re going to get those 3-5 workouts in a week and no matter how “intense” the workout is, you WILL begin to see not only physical changes but also changes in what you’re capable of doing.

Stay tuned in with us.  Over the next few weeks, we will continue to post tips and secrets to getting great results from the comfort of your home.